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Holistic Ballet Class Videos

If you like to practise with a 'live feeling' download the Holistic Ballet class videos (The beginner class is still in the editing studio).

Follow along as Franziska (and occasionally Herbert) demonstrates and cues you through her barre and centre work.

There are no travelling exercises so you can use these videos at home.

The ballet barre class is comprised of 14 exercises that were originally posted on YouTube as one exercise a day for 14 days. 

Here they are edited together so you can practise the barre routine without interruptions.

Please note that the audio quality of this video is sometimes poor.

The pointe work class focuses on building strength and control of the intrinsic muscles of your forefoot. The class begins with simple (not easy) relevés and echappés exercises that are suitable for all levels but for complete beginners. 

The middle and end part pf the class is aimed at intermediate and advanced level students as the work progresses to more complex movements on a single leg.

Please note that some people experiencing problems downloading MP4 files. If you do, please contact me and I can send you a .mov file.

'Just downloaded and did the class! It was awesome and I'm very sweaty. Thank you!' Ashley Murphy

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