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Private Ballet Lesson At Holistic Ballet

Private Lessons with Holistic Ballet

In-Person and Online

In a one-to-one situation, you have the opportunity to clarify many of the issues that come up in your practice or to be taught a particular step you did not understand in a regular ballet class.

You have the full attention of the teacher who can pick up on bad habits and individual traits that may prevent you from improving further. Or you may just need a starting pointe work before you attend your first open ballet class. Generally speaking, you learn in one private lesson as much as in ten group classes. 

Franziska working with a student

R.T., UK

That [private lesson] was really useful and exactly what I wanted 😊

I was a little worried in anticipation of it as I've never had full focus on me in a ballet lesson before,  but I now feel full of hope & possibility, which I hadn't expected!

So thank you very much."

If you have never attended a ballet class before, starting with one or a few private lessons can give you are a very good foundation. However, because of the financial investment, I recommend joining a group class first to see whether my style of teaching would work for you.


What to expect

We will have an initial lesson together to look at your technique and alignment, or if it is your very first ballet experience, teach you the basics of it, and discuss your goals, strengths and weaknesses. Based on this, I will create a personalised training programme and guidance video for you to use at home.


I will be available via email and phone for support in the month following our initial lesson.


A month allows enough time to implement the points we discussed in the lesson and to notice tangible changes. It also motivates you to take charge of your own development and going forward to depend less on a teacher. 

If you still feel you need face-to-face training after your monthly lesson and your support video, you can book add-on lessons.

For details and costs see the table below.

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To help you achieve your personal goals, there are three different arrangements to choose from>>. (it's easier to view on a desktop or laptop than on a mobile phone.


Option 1 | For those of you that:
• have a fairly good understanding of how their body works
• are self-motivated
• perhaps attend additional training or have more physical activities

• £130/month | £75 per person for two people


Option 2 | For those of you that:
• have a fairly good understanding of how the body works or are new to exercise
• may need more support in reaching their goals
• may attend additional training or this is the sole physical activity

• £230/month


Option 3 | For those of you that:
• have a fairly good understanding of how the body works or are new to exercise
• struggle with motivation to exercise regularly but really want to achieve their goals
• may attend additional training or this is their sole physical activity
• want more personal support to achieve their goals quicker 
• want to break through barriers that keep holding them back​

• £490/month

Option 4 | For those of you that:

• want a 'check' of their technique and alignment in addition to the regular classes

• want to maintain and improve their technique

• option 4 consists of 1x 60 minutes lesson

• £105 per lesson | £60 per person/ duet | £45 per person/ trio

If you feel the need for additional face-to-face lessons during the month following our lesson you can book option 4. However, if you work with your support video, this should not be necessary.


To book your lesson or discuss whether we can work together please do not hesitate to contact me.

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