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Ballet Class Tutorials and Exercise Videos

by Holistic Ballet

Ballet Class Tutorials

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This library of ballet tutorial videos offers the opportunity to learn, revise, and practice many different steps of ballet class vocabulary at home at your own pace. 

The ballet movements are demonstrated with great preciciosion in full body shots, feet shots and in slow motion to help you progress in the best possible way.

The videos are for beginner and intermediate/ advanced level ballet students.

New ballet class tutorials will be added on a regular basis.

If you would like to have a certain step explained that you don't find here just drop me a line and I try to provide a tutorial video.

Pilates for Dancers

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Ballet classes alone do not always provide everything that is needed to achieve optimal strength and flexibility. Every professional dancer knows the importance of supplementing his or her training regime with regular Pilates and/or Yoga practice.

These Pilates for Dancers videos help you to strengthen and lengthen your body from within, improve your physical abilities, prevent injury and hence will bring you greater joy and fulfillment when you are dancing.


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