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This ballet barre class is comprised of 14 exercises that were originally posted on YouTube as one exercise a day for 14 days. 

Here they are edited together so you can practise the barre routine without interruptions.

Please note that the audio quality is sometimes poor.

Music by Cyrus Gabrysch.

Holistic Ballet Barre intermediate level

    • pliés
    • foot preparation
    • tendus with rotation in 1st
    • dégagés in 1st 
    • demi-ronds
    • dégagés accent in
    • ronds de jambe a terre
    • tendus and dégagés in 5th
    • dégagés accent in, in 5th
    • pas de cheval
    • fondus and ronds de jambe en l'air
    • frappés and petits battements
    • grands battements
    • stretch
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