Absolute Beginner Online Course with Holistic Ballet

When: September 2021, dates tbc

Times: 6:30-7:30pm 

Cost: £85

Learn the basics of ballet technique in a clear and well-structured way to enable you to train safely, with joy and confidence.

You may just be starting with your ballet training, or you may be taking classes for some time, whichever it is, knowing the primary arm and leg positions, understanding correct alignment, and key movements is crucial if you want to be able to progress in your training.

beginner ballet course announcement

Laying the groundwork in ballet is like learning the alphabet in order to learn a new language, and in this absolute beginner ballet course, you are going to learn how to 'spell', 'read', and 'write' ballet, though it may take some time to become fluid.

You will not only be shown what to do but how to do each exercise. Position and movements will be explained in great detail so that you do not feel lost or overwhelmed. Instead, I am trying my best to help to grasp concepts, structures, and patterns of ballet technique that you can continue to apply as you are going to progress in your training.

Each class will be recorded and made available to you for 5 days so you can revisit the lessons or catch up if you are cannot attend live.

beginner ballet class on Zoom

During this five weeks course you will practice the following:


  • arm and leg positions

  • alignment

  • relevant anatomy

  • basic ballet movements, e.g. pliés, tendus, ronds de jambe, relevés, sauté


Although many exercises will still be studied at the barre, we are also going to work on the simpler moves in the centre.


This course is suitable for students:


  • with no prior experience 

  • who feel they have gaps in their understanding 

  • lack confidence in basic movements

  • want to improve their technique by gaining a more solid foundation

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.