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Absolute Beginner Online Course with Holistic Ballet

Learn Ballet From Scratch

Congratulations on taking the first step of learning ballet as an adult! 
Starting to learn ballet is never easy, especially when you did not start as a child. Yet it can be a great experience that brings benefits not only to your physical and mental health but also to many other areas in your life.

You may just be starting with your ballet training, or you may be taking classes for some time, whichever it is, knowing the primary arm and leg positions, understanding correct alignment, and key movements is crucial if you want to be able to progress in your training.

This Absolute Beginner Ballet Course is based on years of experience working with adult dancers and will get you started in the best possible way:

•  step by step

•  well structured

• detailed explanations

• precise demonstrations

• anatomically safe

"Thank you so much for the course it was fantastic! The detailed explanations helped so much."  Catherine

Absolute Beginner Ballet Course

Absolute Beginner Ballet Course

Absolute Beginner Ballet Course
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Absolute Beginner Ballet Course:  Lesson 5

Absolute Beginner Ballet Course: Lesson 5

Absolute Beginner Ballet Course:  Lesson 4

Absolute Beginner Ballet Course: Lesson 4

Absolute Beginner Ballet Course:  Lesson 3

Absolute Beginner Ballet Course: Lesson 3


"I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end - everything so clear."  Caroline

What To Expect

Laying the groundwork in ballet is like learning the alphabet in order to learn a new language, and in this absolute beginner ballet course, you are going to learn how to 'spell', 'read', and 'write' ballet, though it may take some time to become fluid.

You will not only be shown what to do but how to do each exercise. Position and movements will be explained in great detail so that you do not feel lost or overwhelmed. Instead, I am trying my best to help to grasp concepts, structures, and patterns of ballet technique that you can continue to apply as you are going to progress in your training.

This course is suitable for students:


  • with no prior experience 

  • who feel they have gaps in their understanding 

  • lack confidence in basic movements

  • want to improve their technique by gaining a more solid foundation

  • who lean a bit more towards intellectual side of learning

Course Content

Lesson 1

• basic arm and feet positions
• 3 basic movements: plié, relevé, and tendu
• alignment

Lesson 2

• grand plié
• rond de jambe à terre
• dégagé (battement tendu jeté, glissé)
• port de bras front & back
• plié-relevé
• temps sauté/ petit saut (jump)

Lesson 3

• 5th position
• relevé-passé (retiré)
• plié-relevé in passé
• passé balance
• leg swings
• grand battement


Lesson 4​

• battement fondu
• rond de jambe en l’air
• relevé-passé backward and forward
• devant, à la seconde, derrière 
• développé
• changement

Lesson 5

• plié-tendu and rond de jambe in plié
• grand plié with arm
• soutenu at the barre
• battement frappé
• echappé


The cost of the course is £80 and you get access to the 5 videos for 3 months.

Absolute Beginner Ballet Course vs. Holistic Ballet DVDs

Each of the Holistic Ballet DVDs guides you through two complete barre classes, a warm-up, and a pointe class. Whilst suggestions, advice, and imagery are given, the focus is on the flow of the exercises and it may feel like a good workout. The DVDs are available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. They are available to purchase and download.

The Absolute Beginner Ballet Course explains each movement and position in great detail before attempting to perform it. I not only explain the movements but also the relevant anatomy, e.g. which muscles to use.

It is at times quite cerebral and I mention a little bit of ballet history as well.

This course is available for rent.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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