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young ballet students at the barre

Private Lessons for Teenagers at Holistic Ballet

young ballet students at the barre

Regularly, parents contact me to work with their children to help them with certain aspects of their ballet training. It may be because they are concerned about not keeping up with their peers, having chronic or acute pain, retraining after an injury, having another set of eyes to their regular teachers, or taking the opportunity for an extra class during a trip to London.


I offer individual lessons in ballet technique, including pointe work, and conditioning sessions for students from the age of 12+ to complement or assist their regular training regime. 

"Thank you truly so much for working with my daughter yesterday.

She was lucid about the insight you had given her and the daily practice to do.

Absolutely no confusion anymore on her side. I really appreciate all that you did."  Caroline D.

What to expect


In most cases, I work with the student for one hour during which we discuss his or her goals as well as any perceived problems.

I usually concentrate on barre work as this is where we can make the most profound changes that will then reflect in the more advanced movements. If however, you want to discuss a particular movement from the centre, please let me know in advance. 



We will look at in particular: 


• correct alignment of the feet, pelvis, and spine

• efficient muscular engagement

• outward rotation

• balance

• energy of movements

• strength vs. weaknesses

• pointe work if applicable


Following the lesson, I may offer to create a personal support video with specific exercises to further improve understanding and technique. And I will be available via email and phone if you have questions or need advice.​

"I am so happy that my daughters found your class accessible and motivating, thank you so much for breaking down what they were doing for us.

It was a beautiful class, gently and kindly steered towards improvement, and we hope to join again in future."


Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 19.09.25_edite

alignment in 5th position

What to keep in mind


Your child is likely to be enrolled in a school that adheres to a particular curriculum and training system. 

I will honour this whilst making suggestions that I believe will help the student to progress without upsetting the teacher 'at home'.

If there are greater discrepancies in approach and technique, I will explain the differences and reasons as clearly as possible.

Everything I am teaching in the lesson should be seen as suggestions and information. More knowledge will give you and your child more confidence in making decisions for his or her future. 

Costs: private ballet lesson £105 | private ballet lesson + support video £130 

To book a lesson or discuss whether we can work together please do not hesitate to contact me.

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