Adult Ballet Classes at Danceworks


Bond Street

 Where and When

Danceworks: 16 Balderton Street, London W1K 6TN




Sunday 1:45-3:15pm



Sunday 3:30-5pm

You have to book online at


Prices vary from £10-£13, plus yearly £10 membership. 

adult ballet class at Danceworks

The Teaching


Franziska teaches weekly classes from beginner to advanced level at Danceworks since 1998. She is known for her thorough teaching style, her patience and her believe in the ability of her students to improve regardless of their age and physical pre-requisites. Her knowledge in Anatomy, Yoga, and Pilates makes her training highly effect and safe.


“ I admire your teaching approach, and to be quite open, was surprised how it helped me advance more than expected this year, even if not attending as regularly as I would like to, not to mention that I find the classes extremely enjoyable. Anastasia

intermediate adult ballet class at Danceworks

The Ballet Students


There is no "typical" student. Franziska's adult ballet classes are attended by men and woman who hold stressful jobs or run a busy household, by young students, ex-dancers, and the elderly. 


If you have never done any ballet before do let the teacher know before class. Your first ballet classes may feel strange at first and be a bit overwhelming but allow at least three classes until feel more confident and are better able to follow what the teacher is asking you to do.


What to Wear


There is no particular dress code, some students prefer to wear traditional ballet attire* and even pointe shoes, whilst others prefer to wear a t-shirt, leggings (shorts or tracksuit bottoms for men) and socks. 

* traditional attire:

• ladies: leotard & tights for the ladies (popular yet pricey brands are Yumiko for leotards and Zarely for tights)

• men: unitards or male tights & fitted top for men

You want to look tidy and without too much jewellery as this may fly off or you or others can get caught and hurt by it.

More Questions?


If you are not sure whether Adult Ballet Classes are the right thing for you leave your details and your preferred mode of contact and we get back to you within three working days. 

You can also check whether your ballet questions may be answered on the FAQ page.