Specialised Classes with Holistic Ballet

Venue: Online or at The Mews, London, E3 4TS

Level: general

Dates: see below

Cost: £8 - £26

Before making your payment, please read the terms and conditions.

Class Benefits

These special-themed classes are focusing on a particular area of ballet technique, except for the studio-Pilates class that helps to condition your body to be able to work more efficiently in your ballet classes.

Online Classes

Even if we are working online, I can watch you intensely and point out individual and common mistakes. 

The class is interactive and you can ask questions.

Additionally, you will be able to re-watch the class with the recording that will be available for three days after the class.

Or, if you cannot attend live, you can catch up in your own time.


Studio Classes

The semi-private classes, with a maximum of six students (plus Herbert my cat), further provide adjustments and modifications for the level you are at. 

The atmosphere is friendly and encouraging as we are all struggling together.

Upcoming classes:


Paquita arms: 2nd July

Q&A (free): 30th July

Improve attitude: 13th August

Pirouettes en dedans: 20th August

If you bought a 1-week or 4-weeks subscription, please email me for your discount code for the above classes.

The Mews


What to expect:


  • video footage (online)

  • focusing on alignment and technique

  • individual corrections

  • emphasis on the subject of the individual class

  • connection with like-minded people

  • Qs & As

Holistic Ballet class at The Mews

The concept of 'General Level' Classes


'General level', in my opinion, means all but complete beginners should be able to participate and benefit from the class. Therefore, the combinations need to be for the most part simple in choreography, but as my teacher used to say 'Simple does not mean easy.'. What does this look like practically?


If we take an example of a battement tendu exercise, depending on which stage you are in your ballet training, you work on different aspects: 


  • absolute beginner: remembering the combination

  • beginner: learning that a tendu is brushing a straight leg out and in whilst pointing the foot

  • advanced beginner: improving the coordination of the gesture foot whilst keeping the pelvis still

  • intermediate: concentrating on the gesture foot and leg, the alignment of the standing leg, pelvis, and spine

  • advanced: all of the above, plus core, upper body, and arm positioning, musicality

  • professional: small cues of all of the above but mainly feeling (rather than thinking) the integrity of the movement​

Please note that Herbert the cat will be in the studio. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.