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Choose From a Range of Class Levels at
Holistic Ballet

Level I: Beginner


Teaches you the very foundation ballet of technique. What is a 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. position of the arms and feet? What do we mean by turnout or en dehors? What is a battement tendu, dégagé, a relevé and so on? You will be introduced to the barre work and small jumps (temps soutés). If your feet and ankles (and pain threshold) allow you can attempt basic pointe work.


Level II: Intermediate


Builds upon what you have learned in the Beginner Level. Exercises will be a little faster and more complex. Following the barre work, you will practice steps in the centre in épaulement croisé devant and croisé dèrrier. You will be introduced to pirouettes.  You further develop your jumps with assemblés and jetés and en pointe you start doing relevés on one leg, echappés and relevé passés in the centre.

Level III: Advanced


Lets you have fun with flowing movements. It stands in stark contrast to the Beginner level and added speed and complexity to the Intermediate level. You will use port de bras at the barre work, play with the different épaulements and directions in the centre work, learn to jump a small batterie (battu) and practice mastering relevé passé, also called retires, en pointe.


Level IV: Professional (no open classes)


Level IV classes are taught to professional dance companies. The barre work is similar to the advanced level class yet the difficulties increase in the centre. Depending on the workload of the dancers, more virtuous movements (turns and jumps) are combined with complex choreography.

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