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Conditioning with Holistic Ballet


The Mews, London E3 4TS

Mile End


Bow Church

For individually tailored training programmes please contact us.

You may also find our free videos on the tutorial page useful.

Franziska Rosenzweig, principle dancer in The Nutcracker

back extension on for backbends and strong arabesques

Ballet classes on their own are not enough to achieve the strength, flexibility, and functionality necessary to fulfil the requirements of ballet training. This can not only lead to frustration but also to unhealthy habits that may lead to chronic injury and less than optimal technique.

pilates for dancers

scissors on archbarrel for hamstring and hip flexor length

We may be using equipment to support the understanding of certain alignment issues and movement patterns.

However, once this is understood, exercises can be created that need no machinery or that incorporate tools like resistance bands, small balls, light weights, etc. so you can continue with your exercise programme at home.

What to expect

After discussing your objectives and working with you in person for one hour, I am going to create a training video for you to support you with your training on your own.

This is like your virtual coach, whether you are home, on a business trip, or on holidays.


I am checking in with you via phone and online forms to keep you on track and me in the loop of your progress for a month following our session.

If you still find you need to work with me more than once a month, you can book add-on sessions. 

Please click here for pricing.


If you would like to discuss a programme for you, please contact me.

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