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This pointe class focuses on building strength and control of your feet, especially of the intrinsic muscles of your forefoot.


The class begins with simple (not easy) relevé and echappés exercises that are suitable for all levels but complete beginners, before the exercises become more challenging by working on one leg and using more complext movements.


The middle and last parts of the class are aimed at intermediate to advanced level students.


Music by Cyrus Gabrysch

Holistic Ballet pointe class

    • prancing 
    • plié-roll up and roll down
    • tendus
    • dégagés
    • dégagés accent-in
    • relevés without and with plié
    • relevé on straight legs at different rhythms
    • echappés on straight legs
    • echappés with plié
    • relevés-passés on straight legs
    • relevés-passés with pliés and pas de bourrées
    • pas de cheval and ballonnées
    • fondus
    • echappés in 4th position 
    • sissonnes ouverts
    • port de bras
    • changements
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