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Do you struggle at times?
Zoom Classes with Herbert
Co-teaching with my cat.
Mindset And Ballet Training
Importance Of The Right Mind
Ballet Class Etiquette
How to Conduct Yourself
Fall Of The Berlin Wall
Brandenburg Gate with Wall
The Mews Studio
First Anniversary
Romeo & Juliet
Drama created the Drama
Why Dancers Say Merde
Hippos & Elephants as Mascotts
Characters in Sleeping Beauty
Why These Strange Characters?
How Many Ballet Classes?
How To Find The Right Balance
New Beginnings
New Season, Studio, Courses, Approach
Down The Memory Lane
Would You Do It Again?
Les Sylphides
Also called 'Chopiniana', a (personal) History
Structure A Ballet Class
Intermediate ballet class at Danceworks
On & Off Balance
Franziska Rosenzweig, Tchaikovsky Pas de deux
Pavlova & Her Swans
Anna Pavlova with her pet swan
Making of Ballet DVDs
Filming of Holistic Ballet DVDs @Nice Images
Story of Paquita
Paquita ballet rehearsal
To Dance (Too) Cautiously
ballerina pirouettes
Mishaps & Misfortunes
dancer's warm-up
How To Deal With Injury
No Pain - No Gain?
Who's More Nervous?
The Dancers or Their Audience?
Conflicting Ballet Techniques
35 Years Since My First Ballet Class
Grand Assemblé Tutorial
Balancé /Waltz Tutorial
Dance Like Nobody Is Watching
Adult Ballet: How Serious...
The Rabbit Story
Hip Opening Video
The Joy and Fear of Dancing
How to Stretch: Understand Splits
Port de Bras
Strength and Flexibility
Attitude with Attitude
arabesques and attitudes
Getting To Your Core
Turn On Your Turn Out
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