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How To Ballet-Guide

From the simple to the complex questions ballet students may have. Your questions may differ depending on your age, background and experience but on this page, I am trying to answer the most common questions I receive from my students during and after ballet classes. If you cannot find your issue mentioned just drop me a line and I will do my best to post an answer as soon as possible.  



5 Tips for How To Stay In Shape On Holiday


Summer is when many of us are taking a longer break to visit family, to explore new places or to relax in the sun. We get away from our daily routines, including our fitness regimes such a ballet classes.

Sometimes, although we are enjoying the freedom we have on our well-deserved break, we cannot help but feel guilty about not exercising to stay in shape. We may be relaxing outwardly but our internal voice warns us about the day when we will face ballet class again with stiffer joints, tighter muscles and a little bit more padding. read more...

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How To Choose & Prepare Pointe Shoes


Finding the right pointe shoe is very important if you want to attain good technique, endure as little pain as possible and maintain healthy feet. You may have to try out several brands (see below) before you find the one that works for you.

Don't be afraid to switch to a different shoe at any time as your feet may change with age and progress. Make the effort to visit several shops until you are happy with the fitting, even if you may feel intimidated at first. read more...

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How To Choose Ballet Shoes (Flats)


I remember when I had my mother sign me up for my first ballet classes in 1980s East Berlin; we needed to get my ballet slippers from the one shop that sold them. The shoes were made from thick black leather and I had to "break them in" at home by walking around in them wearing wet socks.

A few years later, when one girl from our class brought back a pair from Russia that was made from white canvas we were all in awe. read more...

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Ballet Class Etiquette: What You Need To Know


Ballet is about elegance and grace and so not only do the exercises adhere to strict rules but our behaviours should reflect this as well. For people new to ballet class it can be a daunting experience and even long-term regulars were never taught the unspoken rules that every full-time ballet student grows up with. 

Although the rules are more relaxed in open and drop-in classes than they are at ballet school because it is understood that adults have busy lives read more...

Franziska Rosenzweig as ballet student in 1987

How To Deal With Injury


Getting injured is one of the greatest worries of every dancer. It can make or break one's career. A healthy body is not just crucial for professional dancers, whose livelihoods depend on it, but also for amateurs whose joy of practice and safe progress can be compromised by consistent pain.
In contrast to athletics and competitive sports, pain and injury in the dance world, and especially in ballet I think, are often regarded as a sign of weakness and therefore, many pretend to be fit and healthy when they are not. read more...

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