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Am I too old to start ballet?


Unless you train to become a professional ballet dancer you can start taking ballet classes at any age. If you have some physical ailments or concerns it is advisable to consult your doctor before taking up any new activity.

What do I have to wear?


You do not need special ballet attire. Wear clothes that allow free movement, e.g. fitting t-shirt and leggings or shorts (good for men). Avoid clothes that are too baggy so that the teacher can spot misalignments, or too revealing.

Do I need special shoes?


In the beginning, wearing socks is sufficient. Later on, you probably want to get a pair of ballet slippers. They should fit snuggly without being too tight. 




Do I need to book?


You do need to book drop-in classes, workshops, courses, and private lessons in advance here


FAQs About Holistic Ballet

Holistic Ballet DVD Level 3: Advanced

When can I do pointe work?


It depends on the individual but generally taking regular ballet classes for 1 year is advisable before starting pointe work. Children should not start before the age of 12 (at least this used to be the guideline). Men can also attend pointe work classes to strengthen and improve their feet. You can check out my YouTube video Pointe Work For Adults: Tips And What To Consider.



But everyone else in class is much more advanced than I am! 

It is very likely that there are people in class who are more experienced than you because they have been attending on a regular basis, perhaps for many years, and still want to study the basic elements. Sometimes, even professional dancers join a beginner class. Instead of feeling intimidated you could feel inspired by anyone above your level. I recommend you place yourself behind the most advanced person in class so you have someone reliable to follow. 

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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