Holistic Ballet Summer Schedule
6th June - 4th September 2022

Online Classes at The Mews (UK times)

NO LIVE classes from 11th - 27th July read here before you book


stretch, 18:30 - 19:00 (*£7 if bought as a single class) 

class on 27th July will be on Friday, 29th, 15:50


beginner ballet, 18:15 -19:00

intermediate ballet, 19:05 - 19:50

pointe, 19:55 - 20:25 (*£7 if bought as a single class) 


ballet centre, general level, 15:00 - 15:45


beginner & intermediate ballet, 10:15 -11:00

SPECIALITY CLASSES 11:05-11:50 read more

30th July: Q & A (FREE) 

(Not included in the subscriptions but at a discounted price if the class falls within your subscription period. You must email me your booking confirmation email to receive the discount code.)


pilates for dancers, 10:15 -11:00

NO LIVE classes from 11th - 27th July. Why? Read here.

Instead, I will make some new videos and some of the very popular Winter Holiday classes available. Please bear this in mind when you purchase your weekly or monthly plans. 

The schedule is subject to change 

private lessons online or in-person by appointment.

Classes at Pineapple Dance Studios (UK times)

Classes on the 16th & 17th and 23rd & 24th of July will be covered by the wonderful Raymond Chai.


London WC2H 9JA

all times are London, UK


pointe work beginner & intermediate, 16:45-17:45pm


beginner ballet, 14:45-16:15

intermediate/advanced ballet, 16:15-17:45

Prices: studio classes £11 | live-streamed classes £8

You must book at pineapple.uk.com

Your plans for The Mews are not valid for Pineapple classes.


13TH - 27TH JULY


29th August: Beginner Solo Workshop Online read more


Jole Rector
movement artist
Reno, Nevada, USA

You prove to me more and more every class I take that you are a phenomenal teacher. I love your classes and your teaching style. When I request moves and ask about them I am doing so because I know you can tell me all the juicy details and I love it!

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-12 at 9.22.38 PM.jpeg

Sonia P.
English teacher
Haywards Heath, West Sussex, UK

Thank you for doing my request. The link between Barre and Raymonda and Renversé wasn't just good - it was complete genius!!

joyce _edited.jpg

Joyce Cunha
innovation advisor - FMCG
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Your amazing ballet technique, didactic and dedication to preparing the classes and materials... it inspires me tremendously. I enjoy the class and catch myself admiring you when you show the moves and think of all the effort you put behind it.

Thank you!

  • For the three summer months, I am offering a different schedule with shorter classes and weekly and monthly purchase options.

      As I will be teaching pilates for dancers at the b12 Festival in Berlin and attending a Hypnoanalyses Training there will be NO LIVE

      classes from 11th - 27th July.

  • Instead, I will make new videos and some of the very popular Winter Holiday classes available. Please bear this in mind when you purchase your weekly or monthly plans. 

  • If you have not used up your 10-class card until June, you can use your remaining classes for the Summer Class too.

  • Even if you bought a subscription, you must book each class that you want to attend or receive the recording of.

  • If you bought a subscription and would to book a speciality class that falls within your week's subscription, you must email me to get your discount code.

  • All live classes will be available for SIX days after the class, e.g. Wednesday class will be available until the following Tuesday midnight, UK time. As long as you book, you will receive the link. Check your spam folder!

  • You can reschedule booked classes until 10 minutes before the start of the class and within your subscription, if you purchased a weekly or monthly plan in your account under 'My bookings'. You cannot cancel once you booked, I am afraid.​

  • When you book, times are shown in your local time.​

  • Pineapple classes and studio classes at The Mews are priced and charged separately, they are not included in any plans.

  • I very much prefer if you pay by credit card rather than PayPal because of the higher fees.