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First Anniversary At The Mews

September, 2019

The Mews

Holistic Ballet is celebrating its first anniversary at The Mews, its new East-London location where we moved to one year ago and opened the doors to you last October.

On reflection, it was not without difficulties, as almost nothing worthwhile ever is, and we made it a wonderful place. 
With 'we' I mean not only Herbert and I but also everyone who came to join the classes and attended private lessons.

I am thrilled to have been able to create a ballet and body conditioning studio from scratch with a professional sprung floor, additional mirror and barre space that provides a very pleasing environment for our small and intimate group classes like the 'in-detail-study-Saturdays', and a calm and peaceful place for one-to-one and semi-private lessons.

I count the blessings for having found this quiet oasis so close to Central London.

The New Holistic Ballet Studio London

The Mews studio

Mattie The Cat Needed A New Home and He Is Loving It

Mattie enjoying his new life

The Cats (and Foxes)

It is also one year since Mattie, one of my two beautiful cats, moved in with his new mum. Some of you may remember what a difficult time it has been when, after 8 years of Herbert and Mattie being inseparable, they started fighting. It was all for love and affection, or rather the fear of not getting enough, and therefore we were no longer able to live together. 

There is not a day when I do not miss Mattie, yet he could not have found a better home that he is now in total control of and where he can be the sole centre of attention.

And so it is with Herbert too, he owns his new place and me one hundred per cent, if not more. His life expanded massively, from being an indoor cat to exploring life on the roofs, sunbathing in the courtyard, becoming acquainted with the local foxes, as well as having to defend our home against other resident cats. 

Life and Work

As for me, I enjoy the tranquillity of Mile End after living 16 years in Shoreditch that became a 24/7-party hub.  I am now able to offer higher quality lessons where I can concentrate better on the individual student or client and give greater support. 

The Saturday classes at The Mews are a special joy for me as without time pressure, I can teach a specific topic, answer your questions and discuss issues that I am also learning from.

A big thank you to everyone who has been part of it for the last year as you made it happen!


Going forward, please do let me know what you would like me to offer,  e.g. themes of interest, length of classes, suitable days and times of the week, etc.  I will consider all suggestions and confer with Herbert. 

Herbert The Cat And An Urban Fox Getting Aquainted

cautiously friendly, Herbert and Fox on the roof

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