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A New Year's Journey into Self-Discovery

As the curtain rises on a new year, as amateur ballet dancers we may be curious about our journey of self-discovery. For adult ballet dancers who may have faced questions of conforming to traditional gender roles within and outside of the dance world, this exploration is both liberating and empowering. Let's unravel the complexities of embracing your authentic self and discovering neglected facets of our (dance) identity.

Adult Ballet Dancers | Authenticity | Self-discovery | Holistic Ballet | Franziska Rosenzweig
Adult Ballet Dancers | authenticity | self-discovery


Self-Discovery: Unveiling Your Neglected Artistic

Adult ballet dancers often confront unique challenges in self-expression, compounded by societal expectations of fitting into traditional gender roles. For some, ballet class may for the first time allow them to truly be themselves and discover parts that generally have no place in our modern world.

Perhaps you neglected facets of your identity because you were labelled as "tomboy" or "effeminate." Ballet training with its masculine structure and often feminine-appearing movements can offer the full spectrum for self-discovery and expression.

Free Yourself By Fully Becoming Yourself

If you feel confined by expectations, gender norms, or being too much of this and too little of that, I invite you to be curious and courageous to challenge your limiting beliefs associated with these. Ask yourself how your life might be if you broke free from the confines of societal and conceived balletic moulds, allowing yourself to redefine your dance narrative and what it means to express yourself in both realms authentically.

Cultivating Artistic Curiosity Beyond Stereotypes

The criticism for not fitting traditional expectations can stifle curiosity about various aspects of our dance and personal identities. Enjoy the journey of self-discovery, and cultivate curiosity about your dance style, technique, and expression, transcending the limitations that society may have imposed upon you.

Navigating Conflicting Messages

Growing up with mixed messages about fitting into traditional roles or balletic expectations can be incredibly confusing. I remember receiving a lot of mixed messages about being too tomboyish, too feminine, too sensitive, too demanding, too independent, too clingy, and so on. The one message that stuck with me was that something was wrong with me and that I had to continuously improve myself. I had a lot to overcome to reach a point where I know who I am, and this journey never ends.

I wish for everyone to uncover their authentic selves by peeling back the layers of criticism and judgments. You should navigate through the complexities of societal expectations and forge a path toward self-acceptance both in your dance and general identity. Imagine how this process may change the way you dance!


As we twirl into the New Year, let this journey be a celebration of breaking free from societal expectations within the balletic realm and beyond. The exploration of self-discovery extends beyond the barre. Perhaps the studio or the dance floor offers us a safer place to explore negated parts of ourselves or let us become aware of qualities we did not even know existed within us.

Reach Out

If you find yourself needing support along this empowering exploration, consider reaching out to me. As an adult ballet teacher and hypnotherapist dedicated to fostering self-acceptance, I'm here to guide you in embracing the uncharted territories of your authentic self.

Together, we can explore the complexity of your authentic (dance) self so you can break free from the confining moulds of societal and self-imposed expectations, and make 2024 a year of profound personal growth both in and out of the studio.


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