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Ballet Workshop Suitability

Are Adult Ballet Workshops Suitable for You?

Exploring our ballet workshops? Uncover whether a workshop aligns with your aspirations and skill level through this comprehensive guide. Empower yourself with the information you need to make the right choice.

Skill Levels

Each workshop page describes what to expect and what you will learn. It also shows the skill level needed for the particular workshop. 

However, each person experiences situations uniquely. Some love a challenge and accept that they cannot follow everything, while others need to feel that they can perform well or the experience becomes too frustrating. 

As an adult dancer, you know best how you operate and what works best for you. 


I provide extensive support before and during the workshops, including pre-study videos and recordings of the process, to help you have the best possible experience. 

Discovering Workshop Details

Head over to the Workshops Page to delve into the specifics of each workshop. From content descriptions to prerequisites, Franziska Rosenzweig provides detailed insights that will help you gauge if a workshop is a good fit for your dance journey.

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