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Download your comprehensive Pilates-based workout for dancers to start exercising right away.

This well-structured routine trains all-important muscle groups to build balanced strength and flexibility for better and safer dance training.

Franziska and Herbert, her adorable cat assistant, guide you through the following exercises:

  • arm & shoulder
  • abdominals
  • gluts & hamstrings
  • leg extensions
  • hip rotations
  • inner thighs/ adductors
  • back extensions
  • combinations of strength and stretch

This shorter version (the full-length video of 1 hour 14 minutes is also available) is for those who are pressed for time or for those knowing that they do not yet have the strength and stamina to follow the full-length one. It is a very good foundation and you are still working all muscle groups.

This routine is an excellent supplement to your dance training or also a great alternative if you cannot attend a ballet or dance class.

pilates for dancers 40 min

  • You will receive an MP3 zip file of 367 MB that opens to an MP4 format.

    You have 4 download attempts. Please safe it once to a permanent platform like Dropbox or iCloud.

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