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Private Ballet Lessons in London with Franziska Rosenzweig of Holistic Ballet

Welcome to my world of private ballet lessons in London! I'm Franziska Rosenzweig, an ex-professional ballerina with over 20 years of experience working with adult ballet dancers. If you're passionate about ballet and looking to refine your skills or begin your ballet journey, you've come to the right place.

Franziska Rosenzweig in her Ballet Studio in London | Private Ballet Lessons | Holistic Ballet

Franziska Rosenzweig with her cat Herbert at her ballet studio in EastLondon

Unparalleled Expertise in Adult Ballet Training

As a seasoned professional in the ballet world, I have dedicated my career to working specifically with adult ballet dancers. I understand the unique challenges and aspirations of adult learners, and my teaching approach reflects this. Whether you're a beginner or have previous ballet experience, I will tailor the private lessons to your individual needs and goals.

Conveniently Located Studio in East London

My private ballet lessons take place at The Mews, my studio in East London. This location offers a serene and focused environment where you can fully immerse yourself in the art of ballet. The studio is equipped with all the necessary ballet equipment and provides a comfortable space for you to explore and excel in your ballet practise.

Choose the Perfect Package for You

To cater to different needs and schedules. Click this link to learn about the packages I offer for private ballet lessons in London. You can select the package that suits you best, whether it's a one-time session to address specific concerns or a comprehensive program for long-term development. Each package is designed to provide maximum flexibility and progress at your own pace.

Continued Support with Custom Training Videos

As an added bonus, you have the option to receive specially created support training videos. These videos will help you continue working on all aspects covered in your private lessons. It's a valuable resource that allows you to reinforce what you've learned, practise at home, and maintain progress between sessions. With these training videos, you can stay connected to your ballet training wherever you are.

Meet Herbert, the Studio Cat

In my studio, you'll have the delightful company of Herbert, my friendly cat. He adds a touch of charm and comfort to the learning environment. Herbert enjoys observing dancers and might even provide some extra inspiration during your private ballet lessons. Please note that if you have any allergies or concerns about Herbert's presence consider online ballet lessons.

Begin Your Ballet Journey Today

Experience the transformative power of private ballet lessons in London with me, Franziska Rosenzweig of Holistic Ballet. Take advantage of my expertise, convenient studio location, customised packages, and ongoing support through training videos. Let's embark on a ballet journey that will nurture your love for dance and unlock your true potential. Contact me now to schedule your private ballet lessons in London and let's start dancing!

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