Adult ballet classes with Holistic Ballet
Welcome to Holistic Ballet


At Holistic Ballet we have a range of adult ballet classes and workshops that are designed for all levels, held in convenient central London locations. 


Whether you are an enthusiastic beginner, a committed long-term student, or professional dancer, or are in any way involved with dance, learn about how you can improve your skills with our innovative approach to Adult Ballet Training. Choose between taking private ballet lessons, joining a group class, attending ballet workshops, or studying at home with our ballet class DVDs. 

What Students Say

The Adult Ballet Classes are available to attend by single drop-in. They are ongoing and you can join at any time.


The Holistic Ballet workshops' key focus is teaching you techniques in greater detail than is possible in regular classes. In specialised workshops you can learn performance skills that are essential should you want to go on stage. Please note that workshops do fill quickly and therefore places are limited and on a first-come-first-served basis. We do this to ensure workshops are kept small enough for everyone to receive individual attention as much as possible. 


What really sets Holistic Ballet apart from other schools is that Franziska also specialises in teaching people who do not necessarily have the ideal physical pre-requisites of a professional ballet dancer how to progress better than they would with traditional training methods. Whatever your familiarity and ability, like many previous participants; you will thoroughly enjoy the experience and gain a great sense of fulfilment. 


No matter what class you choose, you will find that all our classes provide a welcoming and friendly environment, with individual instruction and attention. We look forward to seeing you soon.


Holistic Ballet was founded by Franziska Rosenzweig, previously a ballerina with the German State Opera Berlin and the Peter Schaufuss Ballet Denmark. 

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