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Zoom Step By Step Guide

To help you get started with Zoom online classes, here is my step-by-step guide:
1) download from your browser or Zoom Cloud Meeting App from your App Store or Google Play.
2) book and pay for your class

3) look out for the confirmation email with the login link. You may need to check your spam folder!  
Please keep this email safe and handy for the time of your class.
4) be ready 5-10 minutes before the scheduled class to log in. You'll see a window, click to open

5) wait to be admitted to join the class 

6) upon login, you have the choice of joining with your camera on or off
7) on the top right corner of your screen, you can choose 'speaker view' or 'gallery view'. In 'gallery view' you will see me in a big window.
8) I may ask you to mute yourself when we start the class because of distracting background noises and whoever makes the loudest noise will be on the big screen in the middle of the screen. You find a microphone icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.

9) If I give time for questions, you can click the 'raise hand' icon at the bottom or left-hand panel. However, I cannot see it when I am in the middle of teaching.

10) It may be a good idea to arrange a camera set-up session with a friend or me to figure out where and how to position your device. 
If your room is too small to be seen entirely, your feet should have priority over your head.
An iPad stand is usually slanted, which points towards the ceiling, so create a straight makeshift stand instead. 

11) All classes must be booked in advance for you to receive the invitation link. You can try out the link before the session.

12) If your internet connection is weak, and the image or audio quality is poor, switch off your video. Using an ethernet cable instead of WiFi also improves the connection.

I hope this helps! If you think I need to add or amend something, please let me know.

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