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The Beginner Level DVD is sold out but there are some DVDs with no or slightly damaged DVD cases available.


Own the complete Holistic Ballet DVD series to progress gradually through the three levels or to move between them to work on the specific elements each class offers.


Almost six hours of Holistic Ballet training, including warm-ups and pointe work.

complete Holistic Ballet DVD series

  • Beginner Level DVD:

    Running time: 1hour 50min

    Subtitles: Englisch, German, Japanese

    Available in PAL and NTSC


    Intermediate Level DVD:

    Running time: 2hours 25min

    Subtitles: no

    PAL only. Some US customers have problems playing the DVD on their DVD players. There are no problem using the DVD with a computer.


    Advanced Level DVD:

    Running time: 2 hours

    Subtitles: no

    PAL and NTSC


    All three DVDs are region free.




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