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Holistic Ballet DVD Level 2: Intermediate

Building on the Beginner Level, the Intermediate DVD focuses on how to achieve your optimum turnout and on correct shoulder placements and arm movements, refined arm movements and perfecting pointe work through relevés, échappés and balance exercises.


The pointe work section can also be done in regular ballet shoes or socks.

Accompanying piano music by Cyrus Gabrysch.


  • Optimise Your Turn Out
  • Improve Your Port De Bras
  • Refine Your Technique and Poise


“I am very happy to tell you that I was following your DVDs lessons and now my turnout is so much better, almost 160 degrees.“ Anastasia F.


Almost all exercises are done at the barre so find something stable to hold on to.

Holistic Ballet DVD Level 2: Intermediate

  • Running time: 2hrs 25 min.

    Subtitles: no

    The DVD is region free and produced in PAL only. Some US customers cannot play them on their DVD players. The Beginner and Advanced level DVDs are available in NTSC and PAL.



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