Past Workshops ​​

Workshops 2019

Easter Workshop: The White Cat read more

Workshop #23: Linking Steps read more

Workshops 2018

Holistic Ballet teacher workshop read more

Workshop #20: Promenades & Grands Tours read more

Easter Ballet Course: Les Sylphides read more  

Workshop #21: Coordination read more

Repertoire Course: Giselle act I read more

Autumn Intensive: Giselle act II  read more 

Workshop #22: Turning & Jumping read more


Workshops 2017

Workshop #18: On & Off Balance read more

Easter Repertoire Course read more

Workshop #19: From Adage to Allegro read more

Autumn Intensive: Études & White Swan read more

Workshops 2016

#16: Transfer of Weight read more

Easter Repertoire Course: Pas de Trois & Symphony in C read more

#17: Secrets of Turns read more 

Autumn Intensive: Serenade & Paquita read more 



Workshops 2015

Performance-Mind Workshop  read more

Pilates for Dancers read more

Autumn Intensive: 26th - 31st October 2015 read more

Repertoire Course: Sundays 1st - 29th March read more


#13 Module: Technique & Deep Stretching read more 

#14 Module: Port de Bras Coordination & Jumps & Stretching read more  

#15 Module: Moving in Space read more 



Workshops 2014:

#9  Module: pointe technique 

#10 Module: adage

#11  Module: solo study

#12 Module: turns and jumps 

Autumn Intensive 2014


Workshops 2013:

#5 Module: petite allegro 

#6 Module: grand tours and solo study 

#7 Module: pirouettes 

#8 Module: grand allegro 

Extra: Module: special solo study workshop @ The Place 


Workshops 2012:

#1 Level I and II: beginner and intermediate 

#2 Module: turns and travelling steps 

#3 Module: point work and Blue Bird solo study 

#4 Module: grand allegro 


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