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Interested in Joining Classes?

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of ballet? Our ballet classes are designed to inspire, challenge, and nurture dancers of all levels. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned dancer looking to refine your skills, our classes offer a welcoming environment for growth.

Why Join Holistic Ballet Classes?

Our classes are thoughtfully crafted to cater to various skill levels and age groups. Whether you're stepping into a ballet studio for the first time or returning to your passion after a break, there is a class that's just right for you. Franziska Rosenzweig is an experienced adult ballet teacher who brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to help you achieve your dance goals.

Discover the Class Schedule and Pricing

To embark on this extraordinary journey, head over to the Schedule Page. There, you'll find detailed class schedules, pricing information, and a booking link.

Holistic Ballet offers flexible options to accommodate your busy lifestyle, making it easy to find a class that aligns with your availability.

How to Enroll in Our Ballet Classes

Enrolling in our Holistic Ballet classes is simple.

Book your online classes taught from The Mews at BOOK.

Classes taught at Pineapple Dance Studios must be booked via the Pineapple website or through their app.

Join us in celebrating the beauty and elegance of ballet. Take the first step towards an enriching dance experience by exploring our class offerings today.

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