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What To Wear In Ballet Class

Dress Code for a Positive Ballet Experience

At Holistic Ballet, each adult dancer is unique and free to choose what to wear. However, there are a few principles to keep in mind:

• wear clean clothes

• wear something comfortable that allows you to move freely without being revealing

• avoid baggy clothes that make it difficult for the teacher to notice incorrect alignment

• wear ballet slippers or pointe shoes (advanced)

• you can wear socks if you are only starting out

• avoid big jewellery and strong perfume, but deodorant is encouraged

Example Attire:

• fitted t-shirt and leggings or shorts, or not-too-baggy tracksuit bottoms

• Leotard and tights

• dance skirt

Men wear a dance belt if they choose to wear tights.

You want to be comfortable, confident, and ready to dance. 

Learn about how to conduct yourself in a ballet class here> Ballet Class Etiquette

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