The beginner level DVD focuses on helping you to understand and master the basics of ballet technique, e.g. pliés, tendus, arm and foot positions. 

We start with both hands at the barre (or something stable you can hold on to) and progress to one hand holding onto the barre. 

The class is completed with a port de bras (movements of the arms) and a small jump in the centre.


The pointe work section can also be done in regular ballet shoes or sock. ATTENTION: Only attempt pointe work after consulting with a ballet teacher.


Accompanying piano music by Cyrus Gabrysch.


  • Find Your Grace & Poise
  • Improve Strength & Flexibility
  • Gain Long & Lean Muscle Tone


I found the choreography engaging and effective yet easy to follow.  I could concentrate on the precision of each movement without ever getting lost in the sequencing.” Laura C.


All exercises are done at the barre so find something stable to hold on to.

Holistic Ballet DVD Level 1 : Beginner

  • Running time: 1hour 50min.

    Subtitles: English, German, Japanese

    The DVD is region free and available in PAL and NTSC.