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Holistic Ballet DVD Level 3: Advanced

Concluding the Holistic Ballet DVD series, the Advanced Level challenges your coordination and teaches you how to use your deep muscles groups for correct alignment so you can move with freedom and ease. 

The exercises are taught with increased speed, complexity, and fluidity, combined with the precise execution of ballet technique.


The pointe work section can also be done in regular ballet shoes or socks.


Accompanying piano music specially composed and played by Cyrus Gabrysch.


  • Master technique
  • Develop speed and lightness
  • Perfect your lines and aesthetics


Almost all exercises are done at the barre so find something stable to hold on to.

Holistic Ballet DVD Level 3: Advanced

  • Running time: 1hour 18min.

    Subtitles: no

    The DVD is region free and available in PAL and NTSC.

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