Performance Coaching with Holistic Ballet

Where and When?

Shoreditch Studio, London, EC24PA






Wednesday - Saturday by appointment

1:1  30min        

1:1  1hour     

2:1  1hour        


Home Visits in Central London

1:1  1hour       £300


* Blocks of 10 sessions are not transferable and valid 6 months 

Liverpool Street, Old Street  

Shoreditch High Street 


£70/ block of 10 sessions* £650

£45 per person/ block 10 sessions* £420 per person

Franziska Rosenzweig, principle dancer in The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker, German State Opera Berlin, 1994

To perform at your highest level with confidence and joy you often need to put in extra practice to work on technical issues, detailed head, foot and arm positions and perhaps you also need to overcome blockages that prevent you from executing certain steps.

In company rehearsals time is usually very limited and priority is given to "putting the show together". This can lead to dancers being unclear about aspects of their choreography, character and presentation.

Technical problems are not always a sign of lack of skills but of not having a clear understanding of footwork and linking steps.


In supportive and dedicated 1:1 coaching sessions I am working with you on: 

  • clarifying choreography

  • improving technic

  • strength and stamina

  • refining port de bras

  • presentation skills

  • psychological attitude and confidence


Together we will analyse your strengths and weaknesses, perhaps implement personalised exercises for you to progress faster and discuss  any questions you may have.


From my own experience as a professional ballet dancer I know what differences supplemental and nourishing rehearsals can make. You no longer perfom because you like the challenge but because you enjoy sharing yourself with your audience. 


If you think you would benefit from extra coaching contact me to discuss your individual plan.


If you cannot come to see me in person in London you can send me your rehearsal video. For more information about this option go to VIDEO COACHING.