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Pointe Work: To Jump or Not To Jump?

February, 2012

There are different ways of going onto pointe and coming down from point:

1) thoroughly rolling through the foot via half point

2) rolling through the foot via the half-point but without putting weight on the half point

3) snapping- avoiding the half point. 


Option 1) trains the correct technique, it is most effective in building strength and is used for slow movements.

Option 2) allows for faster movements without losing control and elegance. Option 3) is achieved by performing a jump-like movement with the legs but without letting the toes lose contact with the floor. 


I am not in favour of 'snatching' or jumping up and down as it does not create any strength or technique. To me, it looks utterly ungraceful and amateurish. Show me the ballet where the ballerina jumps onto her relevé...​

ballet pointe technique

sur le cou-de-pied derrière en pointe

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