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Beginner Ballet Solo: Swan Lake

I offer this video workshop because beginner students are often overlooked when it comes to learning ballet repertoire. Although it is true that one needs a certain level to be able to grasp complicated ballet choreography and to dance without injuring oneself, we must also understand our longing to dance more freely and to get a taste of where our pliés and tendus practise are going to lead. 
Here is your opportunity! 

You can subscribe to rent this workshop for four weeks at a time.

You access the videos come back to this page.

Due to popular requests, I am offering this beginner online workshop in which we are going to learn parts of Swan Lake's pas de trois variation #1. We will learn how to learn a choreography, we will learn as slow as we need it to be, and I will modify steps for different abilities (e.g. if you avoid jumping), and limited space.

Rest assured that online classes work very well. Often, I can have a closer look at you online, sitting in front of my monitor, than in a big studio.