Workshop #17

Secrets of Turns & Deep Stretching

Date: 23rd Saturday, July 2016

Time: 12:30am- 4:30pm

Level: all except complete beginner

Address: The Place, 16 Flaxman Terrace, London WC19AT


Cost: £60, £55 if paid by 22nd June 2016.


Programme*: ballet barre 60min | centre work of pirouettes and travelling turns 60min | ballet repertoire sequences 50min | deep stretching 60min


*approximate and subject to change

Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux, Eurovision Contest, Stockholm, 1993

technique of pirouettes, password required

Turning can be the most fun part in ballet as well as the scariest part because it is so unpredictable in nature. 

Some people are 'natural turners' whilst others need to practise, practise, practise. 

However, most ballet students find at least one turn, piqués, soutenus, en dehors or en dedans, that suits them and where they can become more virtuous. 


In this workshop, you will learn traditional tools and teachniques that are not commonly taught to help you find out what works best for you and your body.


To 'test' your new turning ability, we will practice short excerpts of classical ballet repertoire. 

The workshop will be taught on two levels so that beginner and intermediate/ advanced students can benefit.


During the last hour of the workshop, we will  release tense muscles and tissue, and help improve joint mobility with a safe deep stretch routine.


To book your place please follow the instructions at the top of the page. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.