Stage Fright, Performance Anxiety 

Hypnotherapy for Dancers and Dance Students


It is not only dancers that suffer from stress, anxiety, destructive thoughts, unhelpful behaviours, and an unhealthy relationship with food. However, the effects of such patterns can have very serious consequences for dancer's training, performance ability, and health. It is about whether he or she 'can make it' in this extremely tough and competitive  environment. It can in the worse case, these problems can jeopardise one's career.


If you are passionate about your profession or your amateur dance activities but find it difficult to deal with certain aspects of it contact me to discuss whether Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Dancers could help you to manage and overcome the issues that hold you back from dancing at your fullest potential and with joy.

"I was really impressed how simple techniques can be so effective."
A. Pavlova
performing without performance anxiety

Taking a bow, Tchaikovsky Pas de deux, 1992

During my career as a professional ballet dancer I suffered enormously from stage fright (or performance anxiety) so I understand very well how it can lead to performing below one's full potential and worse how it can ruin the joy of being on stage and the reward one deserves for hours of hard work in the studio. 

I also experienced performing when I did not feel scared or anxious but excited to go out there to enjoy and express myself dancing.


I trained as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist at the Quest Institute at Regents University, London under its founder Trevor Silvester. Together with my professional dance background, this enables me to help you, whether you are a dance student or a professional dancer, to manage your fears and to turn destructive thoughts and feelings into more conducive ones so you get the positive performance experience that you want and deserve.

But it is not only fear that can affect dancers. Lack of confidence or motivation, weight issues, dealing with pressure are also commonly experienced difficulties. I have been through all of this myself and I wish I knew the tools with which I can help you now. 


Dear Franziska,

Thank you so very much!!! With all your help and support, performance-mind workshop and listening to your record, I have managed not to be so scared and to enjoy most of the time being on stage the first time after my childhood!  Galina

How does it work?


Every behaviour has a purpose.  Often our unconscious is trying to protect us, to keep us safe.  You were not born with your problem, but your brain decided at one point that doing something in front of people is bad. Together we explore how and when this happened so your unconscious can let go of the negative emotions it connected to performing in front of others.

Using  Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) techniques we "reset" your brain patterns so negative thoughts and feelings are reduced or dissolved and can no longer limit and restrict you.  Additionally, you will receive a personalised MPdownload of hypnotic suggestions to listen to in between sessions and anytime you feel you need a boost.

Time and Cost


A session lasts between 60 and 75 minutes. They are conducted in person, via Skype, or over the phone. Typically you need to commit to approximately to 6 sessions. The cost for one session is £95.

If you are ready to create a more fulfilling life for yourself or you want to improve your performance contact me so we can discuss how I can help you achieve it.