Pointe Classes with Holistic Ballet

Venue: The Mews, London, E3 4TS

Time: 10:15am-11:30am

Beginner: 29th February 

Intermediate: TBC

Cost: £27/ class 

Additionally to the weekly pointe classes at Danceworks, these classes that address common problems with pointe technique that are not always possible to address in a bigger class setting. Because of the small class size, I can pay attention to each student and pick up on bad habits and misconceptions you may have acquired.


The beginner class may also work for you if you are new to pointe work, as long as you have a sound foundation of regular ballet training, and perhaps missed one of the Absolute Beginner Pointe courses. 


The intermediate class is for students with a minimum of two years of regular pointe work experience. A class begins with a warm-up and challenging exercise at the barre before we move to the centre and travelling sequences.

You will practice the following:


Beginner Level: 

  • relevés on one and on two legs

  • single and double echappés  

  • relevés-passés

  • battements fondus

  • pas de chévals

  • preparation for turns

  • balance and strength exercises


We will practise mainly at the barre but some of you may take certain exercises to the centre.


Intermediate Level

  • slow and fast movements

  • travelling sequences

  • pirouettes and turns

  • rhythmically changing combinations


The classes are suitable for students:


Beginner Level:

  • with very little or no pointe work experience 

  • who want to get a better understanding of technique

  • who want to improve technique and strength

  • that lack confidence



Intermediate Level:

  • with at least years of pointe work experience 

  • who train weekly in regular ballet classes

  • that are able to do sissonnes ouverts in the centre

  • who can learn combinations of 32 counts

sur le cou-de-pied en pointe

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

You must be ok with a cat in the studio.