Pilates for Dancers and Dance Students


Venue: The Mews, London, E3 4TS

Time: 10:15am-11:30am 

Dates: 8th February, 14th March

Cost: £27

Before making your payment, please read the terms and conditions.

The class, for a maximum number of 6 students, is Pilates based but also influenced by movements and ideas from Yoga and Gyrotonic®.  The exercises are chosen specifically for dancers and dance students to help you gain balanced strength and flexibility that are crucial for safe and effective dance and ballet training.


You will also get a deeper understanding of the muscular, skeletal, and fascial connections and how your breath can influence your movements, your stability and mindset.

What to expect: 

• tension release

• joint release and mobilisation

• spine movements in its full range

• core and back strengthening exercises

• leg and hip work

scissors: abdominal strength

The above list is not exhaustive and each class will be tailored to the people attending.

The classes can range from being very dynamic to be calmer and reflective. Where needed we may use supporting props like resistance bands, small balls, and light weights. 

core strength: single leg stretch

Because of the small group size, you can ask relevant questions and we can clarify issues that may come up during the class or in your home practise.


​​This Pilates class is suitable for all levels and also very useful if you need extra support because of injury or physical problems. 


If you would like to discuss your attendance, please contact me.

If you cannot attend the classes or if you would like to practise at home you may be interested in my

pilates videos.

You must be ok with a cat in the studio.