Pilates for Dancers


Venue: The Mews, London, E3 4TS

Time: 10:15am-11:45am

Dates: Saturday, 22nd December

Cost: £27



These are small workshops held for a maximum number of 6 students. You will learn Pilates and Yoga-based exercises, specifically chosen for dancers and ballet students, often using supporting props, that help you to gain strength and flexibility, basically moulding your body into a more ballet-compliant shape.

The workshops are themed:


  • Core Engagement & Upper Body

  • Hip Opening & Hamstrings

  • Flexibility & Spine Mobility

  • Inner Thighs Length & Strength

  • Knee-Ankle-Foot

  • Arabesques & Attitudes

  • Shoulders & Port de Bras

  • Understanding Splits


At the end of most workshops, we take simple exercises at the barre to see and feel the practical application of the exercises so you can use the new learnings in your next ballet class.

This intimate setting allows your individual questions to be answered and you will receive a list with the exercises to take home. The workshops are suitable for all levels and also very useful if you need extra support because of injury or physical problems. 


As these workshops are very popular but limited in place, please give immediate notice if you have to cancel for any reason so your place can be offered to another student. 

Please read the terms & conditions.


You must be ok with cat in in the studio.