Performance-Mind Workshop


Venue: Shoreditch Studio, London, EC2A 4PA

Time: 7:15pm-8:45pm

Date: 26th June 2015, 27th November 2015

Cost: £25

Wear normal clothes as this is not a movement workshop.



Do you feel nervous going on stage, to dance or to speak in front of an audience? Do you worry that your jitters could affect your performance? Would you like to perform better with a calm mind and steady feet or confident voice?


In this workshop we will look at the role our mind plays in situations that are stressful to us, how it can in fact create our emotional state.

By understanding its patterns and intentions we are in a much better position to deal with it effectively. 

Franziska’s latest workshop on Performance Mind from her traditionally oversubscribed Shoreditch Studio Workshops series is an excellent preparation for those performing on stage or those who’s work involves speaking up in public. Well researched and immaculately structured, the workshop is packed with tools and tricks of the trade to make public performance memorable and pleasurable, it addresses the issues of focus, responses to stress factors, communication, anxiety and eloquence. As with her other workshops, Franziska keeps the number of participants to strict and necessary minimum, making sure that each student receives quality time with her to work on their questions. A real bonus is a personalised MP3 meditation recording by Franziska that addresses each participant’s individual goals and performance strategies.”Kristina

Here is one example that illustrates how the mind can create our emotional state:


Imagine you and a friend are going on a roller coaster ride. One of you is a huge fan and can't wait to get on whilst the other one is petrified and needs to be dragged into the carriage.


During the super fast descent from the highest point, it is likely that both of you have a similar sensation in the stomach but you give this feeling different names. One calls it "joy and excitement", the other "terror and fear".

Whilst on the physical level there is not much of a difference, you both get a major rush of adrenaline through the body, your minds interpret the situation very different, which results in either a positive or a negative emotional state.

What if you could chose how your mind interprets certain situations?


What if you could learn how to:

  • turn anxiety into excitement? 

  • control the intensity of your emotions?

  • feel and look confident in front of an audience?


In a small group setting I am going to teach you straight forward and simple techniques that will help you to deal more powerfully with:

  • stress

  • nervousness

  • unhelpful thoughts

  • negative emotions


so you can perform to the best of your ability and enjoy the experience to the fullest.


You are not going to be asked to share your thoughts and feelings or to openly confront your issue unless you want to.


Places are stricly limited. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested but not sure whether this is the right programme for you. 


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