Easter Ballet Course 2018 

- Les Sylphides - 

Dates: 30th  March- 2nd April 2018

Time: 10am- 1pm (Fri, Sat), 10am-12pm (Sun), 10am-2pm (Mo)

Level: advanced beginner to intermediate/ advanced 


Canada Water Studios (Fri, Mo), Surrey Quays Road, London SE16 7BW 

The Place (Sat, Sun), 16 Flaxman Terrace, London WC1H 9AT

Cost: £172

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Les Sylphides, also known as Chopiniana, is one of my favourite ballet pieces because of the mood it emanates. Without a story and decor but a 'moon lit' stage, it is pure beautiful dance that ask the dancers to transmit deep emotions and allows the audience to add their own imagination.

The piece choreographed by Mikhail Fokine in 1907 for the Mariinsky Theatre to music by Frédéric Chopin, was premiered as 'Rêverie Romantique: Ballet sur la musique de Chopin'.

It underwent several changes and was shown by the Ballets Russes as Les Sylphides in 1909, in Paris, then in London and North America.

In this Easter Ballet Course, we are going to work on the Nocturne, the beginning of the ballet, and the more advanced students will also study parts of the soloists.

George Balanchine's Symphony in C with Franziska Rosenzweig

Les Sylphides, Valse-solo, State Ballet School Berlin, ca. 1988

Les Sylphides requires a certain style, not only is is 'romantic' but also very particular with its head, neck, and arm positions. The leg work is challenging yet the upper body and port de bras must be extremely light, giving the illusion of ethereal beings.

In ballet school, I danced in the corps at first and then got the wonderful part of the pas de deux, which I absolutely loved even when at 16 years old, I was too shy to look at my rehearsal partner who was 18 or 19 years old. Luckily, in the end I performed with someone my own age.


Unfortunately, I have no photographs of me dancing Les Sylphides, only memories. Therefore, the pictures you see here are from students of my school three and four years above me.

Les Sylphides, pas de deux State Ballet School Berlin, ca. 1988

Transcript of the Nocturne for everyone.

Transcript of the Valse-solo for everyone the more advanced students

Les Sylphides-Nocturne tutorial, password required

Les Sylphides-Valse tutorial, password required

Once I received your payment, you will get a link for the video tutorials so you can prepare yourself for the course.

If you have questions or you are unsure whether this is the right course for you, please do not hesitate to contact me so we can discuss your situation.