Stretch & Flexibility Classes 


Venue: The Mews, London, E3 4TS

Time: 10:15am-11:30a


Cost: £27 per stretch class 

Before making your payment, please read the terms and conditions.

23rd November, 21st December


In each monthly class, a deep stretching routine is created to mobilise your joints and to elongate your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The aim is to develop strength and flexibility that is balanced and serves you well.


Because classes have a maximum of six participants, individual modifications and adjustments can be made whenever necessary so that you can achieve your optimal range of movement without risking injury.


Anatomical explanations and their practical applications will help you to gain a more profound understanding of your own body, thus allowing you to continue to exercise safely at home and to make your improvements more lasting and permanent.


Stretching out the body releases muscular as well as mental tension and is, therefore, a great preparation for meditation practice with which we will conclude the classes that are indicated.

Practising meditation has many known health benefits, including:

  • dealing better with stress

  • improved immune system

  • increased energy levels, etc. 


In each class, one of several breathing techniques is chosen, depending on the attendees and circumstances, to aid slowing down your thinking activity, before we are going to sit(comfortably) in silence. 

If at any point you feel too much discomfort, you can always change position or quietly lay down.

These classes are suitable for all levels. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


You must be ok with a cat in the studio.

penché in downward-dog