Ballet Introduction Online Course with Holistic Ballet

When: 30th September - 21th October 2021 


Cost: £36 

Where: via Zoom

Are you intrigued by the elegance and strength of ballet dancers?

Do you wish you were more graceful and fitter?

Would you like to move to beautiful music?

Or are you already an adult ballet student but you always missed learning the absolute basic?

Then this short four-week Introduction to Ballet Online course may be what you are looking for.

watch the introduction video

What To Expect

This course will cover the very basics of ballet training in four short, easily digestible classes that you can repeat afterwards with the recording of the class. Or if you miss the class, you can catch up.

  • each class will be 40 minutes, 7:35-8:15pm, UK time

  • the recordings of the classes will be available for 6 days after the class

  • structured teaching format

  • learn the basic movements straight to the point (no history or deep analysis of the movements if I can help it)

What You Will Learn


Class 1

  • arm and feet positions

  • alignment in standing upright

  • port de bras

Class 2

  • plié

  • relevé

  • battement tendu

  • dégagés 

Class 3

  • rond de jambe à terre

  • port de bras front & back

  • working in 5th position


Class 4

  • fondu

  • développé

  • grand battement


(the content is subject to change if necessary)​

If you are unsure whether this course is right for you, take the quiz (see Ballet Quiz for Beginner video). If you find it difficult, you would definitely benefit from this Introduction Course.

Test your ballet knowledge

What You Need


  • 1.5m x 1.5m floor space

  • something sturdy to hold on to, e.g. chair, armchair, kitchen counter

  • internet connection and monitor to follow the class 

  • comfortable, fitting clothes

  • socks (you don't need ballet shoes as yet)

  • curiosity

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.