Autumn Ballet Intensive 2019:

Entrance of the Swans


Date:   21st-26th October (no 24th)

Time:  8pm-10pm, Thursday (no course),  Saturday: 5:15pm-8pm

Level:  advanced beginner (min of 12 months regular ballet classes) to intermediate/advanced 

Address: The Place, 16 Flaxman Terrace, London WC19AT 

Cost: £170

Unfortunately, I cannot offer reductions if you have to miss a session. By making a payment you agree to the terms & conditions.

Once I received your payment, I will send you a video tutorial so you can prepare ahead of the Intensive. 

Programme*: 30 min warm-up at the barre  | 90 min study of choreography and performance skills (hrs 30 min Saturday ),

45 minutes deep stretching (Saturday)

The Entrance Of The Swans of the second act of Swan Lake is one of the great iconic pieces of the classical ballet repertoire. It asks for complete synchronicity, strong leg work, fluid port de bras, and musicality. Therefore, it is a very suitable piece for ballet students to study.

During our weeklong ballet intensive, you will learn:

• first the choreography (the more advanced students helping to lead the beginner level ones)

• then details of the foot, arm, and head movements and positions

• towards the end of the course the artistic expression

You can wear flat or pointe shoes, practise clothes or your tutu if it helps you get into the character.

Holistic Ballet Autumn Intensive 2019 promo-video

Once I received your payment, you will get the pre-course study video. 

You can download the transcript of the steps below.

Transcript of the steps to download


We will complete the Autumn Intensive with  45 minutes of stretching.

If you are unsure weather this workshop is suitable for you, please do not hesitate to email or phone me so we can discuss it.